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Tom Gibbons
I’m an experienced product & technology leader living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

I’ve worked in ad tech, digital → direct mail, cross border e-commerce, online luxury resale, and most excitingly, a short stint in the music biz.
Areas of Expertise
Roadmap Development
Product-Led Growth & Sales
Full Stack Prototyping / Build
Product / Tech Co-Founder
Data Strategy & Enrichment
Product Design + UI + UX
Customer Acquisition & Retention
Digital→Direct Mail Thought Leadership
Cross-border E-commerce
Circular Commerce
Coaching, Mentorship, & Morale
Partner Selection / Management
Outsource Vetting & Management
Gleaming the Cube
VP Product/Dev for Direct Mail innovator.
Head of Product for 2-sided lux marketplace.
Big Tunes
Head of Product for indie music crowdfunder.
VP Product / Technology for bill pay giant.
Side Projects for Fun
Set & Get Reminders via SMS
Casual Event Scheduling & RSVPs
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I needed to replace Doodle for scheduling my sandlot baseball game, yearly trip to North Tahoe, meet ups w/ fmr. engineering colleagues, and all the casual events that are part of our lives.

The once-simple-and-slick Doodle was monetized by new owners who introduced feature complexity and painted it with ads. The pro features are overkill for casual users.

Pickle is dead simple. The organizer sets up their...

NYC ❤️

Hardcore never died and might win a Grammy.

Helping in Rockaway, 2012
Tom Gibbons
NYC-based Head of Product & Technology
Call or SMS 718-989-1414
"Gibby" is my childhood nickname