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I needed to replace Doodle for scheduling my sandlot baseball game, yearly trip to North Tahoe, meet ups w/ fmr. engineering colleagues, and all the casual events that are part of our lives.

The once-simple-and-slick Doodle was monetized by new owners who introduced feature complexity and painted it with ads. The pro features are overkill for casual users.

Pickle is dead simple. The organizer sets up their event and then gets a unique RSVP link to share with whoever they want however they want. There’s just enough tooling for them to be in control, and RSVPers can reply quickly and have a bit of fun in the process.

It’s caught on enough where I had to upgrade from a $5 to $10 server on Digital Ocean. The original feature set is holding up well, with only one big upgrade planned. I’m going to swap out Fingerprint.js and go to a fast/fair mobile validation for RSVPs.

🥒 Try Pickle

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